The Vitå river valley is rich in birds and animals. Otters, beavers, white-throated dippers, swans and geese enjoy the small forest river. Beautiful old farmlands, remains of the 19th century mills and the highest mountain in the municipality are all found in Vitådalen.


By the railroad from Boden to Haparanda you will find an old blast furnace built in the late 19th century, listed for preservation and an interesting place to visit.


Here, you will find many businesses and a community centre, Högsö Byagård, where many local associations meet.


Located by the largest lake in Luleå Municipality, Hovlössjön, also known as “Storsjön”. The lake is found in a scenic environment with 27 islets, pleasant sandy beaches, and great options for bathing and other outdoor activities.


The village was first recorded in writing in 1409. In 1543, it was considered a ‘large village’ and had 10 farmsteads. Around this time, Vitåfjärden and Jämtöfjärden were part of a sea inlet where Vitå was located on a river mouth. The village is named after its location and the brightly coloured water.


Here you will find a former iron mill and a power plant.

Not to be missed:

Vitåfors maskinmuseum

A machinery museum featuring true rarities. 12 rope shovel excavators built between the 1930’s and 1960’s are the gems of the collection. About 20 different machines are reminders of an era now part of Swedish cultural history. In later summer, the annual Excavator Day is held, where visitors have a chance to get to know all the rarities and buy fika. Open at other times all year round, guided tours available on request.


The beaver trail. A light 2 kilometer hike. Nature trail downstream from the Storåbron bridge in Vitåfors. Two wind shelters with campfire sites. Information about beavers along the trail.

GPS: 65°57'01.2"N 22°23'56.2"E


Between the villages Långtjärn and Heden lies a site with ancient remains, including cooking pits and charcoal pile remains estimated to be 3,000 years old. Because the sea then reached all the way here, this area was the site of a narrow sound and a point of land providing an excellent location for trapping various animals.

Nature trail, Vitåfors–Avafors

A 10 kilometer hiking trail along the Vitå River, ranging in difficulty between intermediate and difficult. Bivouac shelters, campfire sites and information along the trail. Information signs at Vitåfors and by the Avafors blast furnace.

GPS: 66°02'25.1"N 22°16'17.5"E

An exciting walk around the old foundry area, where you can see foundation remains as well as remains of roasting pits and the blast furnace. The trail is occasionally more difficult to hike because of trees felled by beavers.

The sladanstigen trail

A light 4 kilometer hike. Nature trail beginning by the school in Vitå and leading to Lake Sladan, one of the richest bird lakes in the coastland. Bivouac shelters with campfire sites, spotting towers and information signs.

The Tväråkölen nature reserve

From the top of the mountain Tväråkölen you will have a beautiful view of the Råne River Valley. The area surrounding the peak is dominated by basement rock, covered in old-growth, basement rock pine forest. The basement rock area is delineated by steep cliffs and bouldery slopes. Shingle fields are found in several locations here.

GPS: 65°57'17.0"N 22°11'42.2"E


In the guide Gems of the i Råne and Vitå river valleys you will find more tips on things to experience.

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