A great route for canoeing or kayaking, exits onto the Råne River at Kvarnå.


Lillstrycken is a great place to launch, from the north side of Niemisel. Signs show the way here from the main road. Another good launching spot lies beneath Hasaforsen, from the south side. After the rapids, the river runs close to the road and it is fine to temporarily park your car by the roadside ditch. From both these launch points, you will be following the river through farmland, with rapids in between calm stretches of water. Some of the rapids require quite a bit of navigational skill, several are Class 2 rapids. Hasaforsen, Bjurforsen, Prästholmsforsen and Sörforsen running through Råneå are the most technically demanding rapids.

Keep in mind that the Råne River is a forest river, with considerable variation in waterflow. During the spring flood, the river is not suitable for inexperienced canoers. Thus, if you do not have considerable experience, you should wait until early June, when the flow and pressure of the river has subsided and temperatures have risen. A couple of days of summer rain can also add significant waterflow to the river.


The creek known locally as Prinsnäsbäcken offers lovely spring canoeing. The best time to come here is mid-May, preferably a couple of days after the breakup of the ice on Sörträsket. Come here before June 1, as a relatively strong waterflow is required. Skilled canoers can paddle all the way from Pålträsket out to sea. The easiest and most scenic section is that from Pålträsket to the road bank at Sörträsket. Start by the wind shelter close to the road in Pålträsk. Disembark by the road and carry your canoe past the first rapids on the right side. Walk past the hunters’ cabin, take a left turn at the clear-cut area and you will find yourself at the end of the rapids, where you can keep going. There may be trees lying across the creek, as beavers frequent this area.