Pålberget, 137 meter

Located near Orrbyn, about 15 kilometers up the Råne River. A road leads almost all the way to the top, which means that the hike will not be longer than approximately 1 kilometer, there and back. Make a turn from the Niemisel road at GPS: 65°56’19.2”N 22°07’18.3”E. A beautiful view of the Råne River and Pålträsket. There are exciting caves to explore here.

Snipen, 171 meter

A peculiar mountain top with a breathtaking view of the river valley. A hundred year-old pine forest is recovering after a forest fire and on the mountain you can see Snipkon (the Snipen Cow), a formation in the rock. A hiking trail leads up the mountain from the car park, east of the sign reading “Välkommen till Niemisel” GPS: 66°01’53.4”N 21°56’12.4”E. At the top, you will find a campfire site. This mountain is also home to one of Sweden’s best sport climbing walls, the MTV Wall, featuring about 30 named climbing paths with fixed bolts and anchors to climb. The wall is 12-25 metres high and offers paths in a range of difficulties, including one of Sweden’s hardest: “The Silence of the Lambs”.

Snöberget, 241 meter

The silhouette of Snöberget towers over the landscape, 241 metres above sea level. From the car park, GPS: 66°00’01.6”N 21°58’39.9”E, a 2.3 kilometer trail leads to the top of Snöberget. There, you will be rewarded with a view spanning tens of kilometres of the forest landscape. Snöberget is a mountain whose peak was never affected by the waves of the sea and thus remains forested, whilst the sides are bare and home to mighty shingle fields, created by ice and waves. At the top, old-growth forest surrounds you. In addition to the birds of the old forest, there are many other species, including rare fungi such as the crust fungi Junghuhnia collabens, Fomitopsis rosea and Radulodon erikssonii.

Storkrokberget, 307 meter

The highest mountain in Luleå Municipality, its characteristic silhouette is seen from all over the Vitå Valley. There is no accessible road to the mountain, visitors will have to expect a 2 kilometer forest hike. GPS: 66°14’22.8”N 22°04’28.4”E.

Åbojen, 332 meter

Near Klingersel you will find this mountain and nature reserve. The view of the river valley from the top is beautiful. The steep eastern slope hosts an old pine forest with plenty of old aspen trees as well. GPS: 66°10’45.8”N 21°28’37.6”E.

In the guide Gems of the i Råne and Vitå river valleys you will find more tips on things to experience.