Along route 760 from Råneå, on the north side of the river, lies a beautiful band of villages in close succession and between them lies farmland, meadows and pastures, with the softly running river in the background. Here you will find a number of beautiful destinations, with great fishing spots and several cottages and cabins available for overnight stays. There are scenic locations on the south side of the river too, the mountains Snöberget and Pålberget amongst others.


An old farming area, with buildings spread out approximately 4 km along the Råne River. Maps and address registers refer to Södra (South) and Norra (North) Prästholm, however, it is a single village. The village was once home to marble and limestone quarries, producing top-grade limestone for iron mills and farming.


Upstream of the Råne River, 50 km north of central Luleå, lies Orrbyn, with a lovely natural environment, forests and riverlands. Here you will find Hasaforsen where there was once a small furnace and forge, built to process the bog iron mined in the area. A farm and sawmill were located by the river.


A scenic village by the Råne River, about 50 km northeast of Luleå, dating back to the 16th century. The village, whose buildings are spread out, is situated on both sides of the Råne River, but has its centre by Kvarnån, where roads from Råneå, Boden, Morjärv and Gunnarsbyn meet. Just north of the village lies the mountain Snipen, famed for its climbing rock. Southwest of the village lies the mountain, Snöberget, 240 metres tall, with vast shingle fields and untouched old-growth forest, a nature reserve.

Not to be missed:


A rest cabin on an island.

GPS: 65°54'22.5"N 22°11'32.6"E


Wind shelter.

GPS: 66°01'20.3"N 21°57'58.5"E


Wind shelter, outhouse and grilling site.

GPS: 66°00'42.3"N 21°58'32.5"E


Campsite by the river, a cabin with three bunk beds, a sauna, a grilling site, an outhouse and a firewood storage shed.

GPS: 66°00'04.5"N 21°59'36.4"E


Four bunk beds (not bookable), sauna, outhouse and grilling site.

GPS: 66°01'23.3"N 21°57'52.9"E

Melderstein Herrgård

This 18th century manor is found in a beautiful, tranquil location. It was once at the heart of a mill environment but now hosts a hotel, a restaurant, conferencing facilities, a sauna area and its very own chapel. The manor is often used for weddings, parties and retreats. The beautiful surroundings have walking paths where you can see the historical origins of Melderstein Manor. Read more >>


Wind shelter, grilling site, boat rental.

GPS: 65°54'19.2"N 22°11'26.2"E


Wind shelter by the neck of the river, northwest of the rest cabin at Långforsen.

GPS: 66°01'26.5"N 21°57'26.5"E


Bathing beach with jetties, near an area with holiday homes.

GPS: 66°00'53.5"N 21°56'30.7"E


Wind shelter and grilling site near Melderstein Manor.

GPS: 65°56'23.1"N 22°08'05.4"E


Cottage with four bunk beds (not bookable) and a sauna, located on an island in the middle of the river. Parking available by the bridge leading to the island.

GPS: 65°56'45.4"N 22°06'56.0"E


Also known as Kärrhuset, located 200 m north of the Niemisel bathing beach. Here you will find a grilling site and a wind shelter.

GPS: 66°01'05.5"N 21°58'33.3"E


In the guide Gems of the i Råne and Vitå river valleys you will find more tips on things to experience.

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