The stretch of the Vitå River running through Luleå Municipality is 50 kilometres long. The last leg of its journey to the sea runs through the wide but shallow Vitåfjärden, on to the Jämtöälven rapids, towards the Rånefjärden estuary.


Jämtön was once an island but is now, because of land uplift, connected to the mainland. Here you will find great hunting and fishing opportunities. Metträsket is a scenic lake where rainbow trout have been introduced. If you enjoy snowmobiling, there is a trail spanning approximately 80 km and several cabins along the way open to the public. The village of Jämtöavan has a pleasant fishing harbour with a couple of old boathouses and a view of Rånefjärden to the west. This little village was once home to four boat yards.


Between 1930 and 1950 there was a sawmill at Krakaören. The logs were driven along the Råne River and towed by tugboat from the river mouth. On the beaches, you can still see the remains of the waste wood quays. The Rörbäck campsite and sea bath is located about nine kilometres from Jämtön and is a scenic campsite with a child friendly beach and great bathing options. The harbour is deep and has a quay where visiting boats can moor temporarily.

Not to be missed:

The Jämtöavan orchid district

At Yttre Kvarnträsket, a light 4 kilometers hike, 9 kilometers from Route E4, turn left onto a forest road, Kronkilsvägen, where an info sign tells you more about the trail. After about 200 meters you will see a sign for “naturstig” (nature trail) to the left. Follow the trail up to a mast where the trail markings begin, in the form of white-tipped poles. Follow the trail for just over one kilometre, to Yttre Kvarnträsket and the orchid district. Here you will find eleven different species of orchids, flowering at different times between May and August. Kvarnträskkojan is a rest cabin with a grilling site outside.

Rörbäcks camping & havsbad

Nature camping offering 84 caravan spots with electricity, 3 cabins and rooms to rent, an amenities building, showers, toilets, as well as a sauna and outdoor hot tub. Also a café and a kiosk, a mini golf course, beach volleyball and petanque courts, campfire sites, a Sami grilling hut and kayak rental. There is a boat harbour with full sailing depth up to a quay, sheltered from wind. 


In the guide Gems of the i Råne and Vitå river valleys you will find more tips on things to experience.

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