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Cape Wild

Cape Wild is a Wildlife park, located 10 km outside of Luleå, close to the Luleå river and between two beautiful natures reserves. From Luleå airport it's only about 10 minutes by car.

At Cape Wild we now have three lovely moose, Zigge, Zebbe, and Zaga, and Sven the reindeer and his six lovely female reindeers. They all are really friendly, and loves to be petted and fed with some snacks. If you like to meet our moose and reindeer together with others or have an exclusive visit all by yourself, you can read more at our website and also book a visit directly with us.

We also keep our souvenirshop open for our guests. There is also possible to book lunch or dinner together with your visit here, if you are a group. We almost exclusively use just the local ingredients you can find in the surroundings, and that is special for our part of the country.

Cape Wild
Moose at Cape Wild
Reindeers at Cape Wild


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