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Lilla Skafferiet

Welcome to Lilla Skafferiet! We are a café, a bakery, and a deli shop in Luleå.

In our café you can enjoy tasty fika (desserts) or savory sandwiches. We serve our organic coffee in small flower cups and the kitchen sofa is waiting for you. In our bakery we make bread, desserts, cakes and raw food. We mainly use organic ingredients in our production. 

In our deli you'll find classic meat staples like tenderloin, entrecôte, flat iron stakes and much more. We care about raw materials with any weird additives. Welcome!

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Cute pastries at Lilla skafferiet
Lilla skafferiet's shop
Lilla skafferiet's disk
Delicious lunch at Lilla skafferiet in Luleå
Lilla skafferiet's café


Björkgatan 41
97331 Luleå


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