Lake Hertsöträket lies close to the Hertsön residential area, about 7 kilometres east of central Luleå. Here, both arctic char and rainbow trout have been introduced in recent years, but the lake also has pike and perch. By the lake, you will find walking trails and cabins, wind shelters and rest stops. The lake is surrounded by a ramp spanning several hundred metres, allowing people with wheelchair or pram to access the lake, for instance by wheelchair. Fishing by boat is not allowed. Float tubes are only allowed for fly fishing. Ice fishing in winter.

Lake Metträsket, Jämtön

Lake Metträsket, a few kilometres north of Jämtön, with introduced rainbow trout. The lake is popular with fly fishers, as it allows for wading in many locations. There are also large pike here. Pleasant trails around the lake, as well as wind shelters, fire pits, a disabled access pier and toilets.

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