Lake Hovlössjön is known to the locals as Storsjön (the big lake). The village Kvarnberg has about ten year-round residents, but many times more in summer. Hovlössjön is the largest lake in Luleå Municipality at ten square kilometres – it has 27 small islets and is something of a miniature archipelago. The water is clear and has a strong trout population. There is also perch, pike, whitefish and vendace. Trolling is recommended here.

Lake Mittitjärn, Niemisel

Small lake near Niemisel in the Råne River valley, with introduced fish, rainbow trout, brown trout and arctic char. Bridges and trails with footbridges, wind shelters and fire pits. Ice fishing, spin fishing, fly fishing and regular rod fishing.

See map and description of the trip in our guide ”Fishing in Luleå”.