Launching spots

Most small harbours can be used, there is often a beach stretch or launching ramp where you can launch your kayak (see

The route descriptions contain good launching spots but there are other options:

In our guide ”Kayaking in Luleå” with suggestions for tours, good starting places for launching are described, but there are more options:

Brändö hamn

A fishing harbour, boathouses and a fairground with an outdoor dance floor. Swedish Midsummer celebrations are big here. The harbour was renovated in 2011. A boat ramp is available, as well as beach stretches between the boathouses.


One of the largest small boat harbours in Luleå. It is also the main harbour for professional fishermen, with a café and restaurant in the summer. The best launching spot for kayakers is a little beach on the eastern end of the parking lot.


Sandy beach and small boat harbour for cottage and home owners on Sandön. A fairway passes through the strait so look out when you head out. Limited number of parking spaces but fine for smaller groups.

Places för rests and overnight camping

There are lots of nice beaches for rests and overnight camping but there are also plenty of alder shrubbery and rocky beaches which are unattractive to kayakers. Here are other nice spots not in the route descriptions.


Beautiful, popular island with rental cottages, 2 saunas and boat tours. Scenic hiking trails, labyrinths, nature information and a small fishing village.


Nice beaches around the southern part. The Luleå Sailing Society is based here and on the northern part, Altappen, there is a small museum of the island’s history.


So much more than just Klubbviken: the shingle field in the Stenåkern nature reserve, old growth forest, beaches, pine heath, thick carpets of reindeer lichen and shifting sand dunes.


Beautiful pine heath and more than 2 kilometers of sandy beach to the west and northwest.

Stora & lilla Hindersöharun

Two relatively high, very windy, rocky islands. You will need calm weather to disembark here. If you do, try the northwestern cape at Stora Hindersöharun.


Nice beaches on the north and south sides.