Colder weather is approaching after a long and warm summer. The evenings are getting darker and the chilly weather is tickling your cheeks. The sea darkens and reaches lower temperatures. It may sound daunting but with the right conditions it is magical. All you need is a sauna and a quick swim in the ocean during fall is not impossible.

Having a sauna, or bastu, as it's called in Swedish, is a Scandinavian practice where you heat up a small lodge, preferable with fire wood and a stove, to temperatures up to 70-90 degrees Celsius. When in need of a break you exit the sauna for a quick bath in the ocean or cold shower. If you ask the locals, many will say that it is mandatory to at least once per year have a proper sauna. Luleå offers several saunas in close proximity to the sea if you want your sauna experience to mimic the locals'.

If you'd like to combine your sauna with a spa treatment, facial or massage try one of Luleå's many SPAs located in the city centre. 

Sauna's close to the sea
Combine your sauna with a SPA visit