From Luleå’s north and south harbours you can see people sitting alone, for hours, out on the ice of the city’s inlets. What are they doing out there? Fishing! The trick is to drill a hole in the frozen water, giving you access to the fish beneath the ice. Pimpla is the Swedish word for ice fishing and as the rays of the early spring sun warm you, sitting on a reindeer pelt or a kicksled, you will find that it is a very peaceful pastime.

A tip!

An easy way to get started with ice fishing is to buy an ice fishing rod and go looking for holes drilled by other fishermen, that haven’t yet frozen over. Equipment for all kinds of fishing can be found at Wildmarksshopen.


Where fish will bite

There are many nice places to go winter fishing in Luleå. For instance: Björköfjärden, Furufjärden, Strapösundet, the South and North harbours, Hertsöträsket, Örnabben and Stora Stenträsket.

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