The upper part of the Baltic sea has a unique marine archipelago since the northern rivers bring mountain water all the way out to sea. The water therefor has a low salt level, but a high percentage of minerals which the rivers transport from the Scandinavian bedrock. The large amout of water is making the entire Bottnia bay renew itself every third year, and creates a perfect place for the freshwater fish vendace. And it is the river minerals from the distant mountain ranges to the west that create the unique character of Kalix Löjrom. 

The people

Lars och Per – two fishing cousins who grew up on the island and were taught the craft by their fathers. The family arrived here in the 18th century, and the skills have been perfected for generations. 

Ulrika – married to Lars and oversees rinsing, preparation and packaging in the process facility. Moved out from the inland fifteen years ago and is today the epicenter of the operations.

Felicia – next generation leader who is gently groomed to take the company forward, toward an even more sustainable and strong future. Ulrika’s daughter.

Tryggve – the senior profile within northern bleak roe fishing, and the driving force behind attaining the EU’s Protected Designation of Origin. 


We sell fresh fish in the Northern harbour (fresh and smoked salmon, salmon trout, whitefish and baltic herring) by supply. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays 5pm to 7pm all summer long.

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