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Norrbotten's museum

Norrbotten's Museum is a county museum in Sweden's largest county by area. Norrbotten has a varied landscape that stretches from coast to mountain with a cultural history of over 10 000 years. The county is a multicultural environment, characterized by Sami, Tornedalian Finnish, Finnish, Swedish and New Swedish culture. Norrbotten Museum's exhibitions shows Norrbotten, the cultural heritage and the outside world. Culture in the present, documentary projects, cultural history and art are included in the offer. Based on current issues, historical stories, culture and society, museum visitors of all ages are offered tours, workshops and lectures.

The museum café offers beverages, pastries and sandwiches in an inspiring environment. The museum shop contains handicrafts, jewelry and souvenirs from Norrbotten. The store also has a well-stocked selection of books, especially with literature about and from Norrbotten.

Foto: Catrine Backman ©Norrbottens museum
Foto: Catrine Backman ©Norrbottens museum


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