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Tjuvholmssundet has an historical importance to Luleå as this was once the channel into Luleå's many harbors. It is also one of Luleå river's three outlets into the Bothnian Bay and flows between Hamnholmen and the island of Sandön.

What was once a natural channel for larger boats and ships got harder to navigate through as the isostatic uplift made it more and more shallow. As early as 1773 the first decision to dredge ta channel was taken. It was not going to be the last. As the ships got larger it got even trickier and the fact that two ships couldn't meet made it even more difficult. This problem was solved with a signal post but eventually the channel proved too much of a challenge to be worth it. The last dredging was made in 1945 before a new channel and way into Luleå's port was established in 1960.

Nowadays Tjuvholmssundet is a little harbour for private boat owners and a very popular beach! Here you'll find rowing boats to use to get across the channel to Sandön, Luleås biggest island and home of several shingle fields, a nature reserve and many walking trails. You rent the boats from Luleå Tourist Center.

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