Jopikgården – a charming and personal hotel, hostel and restaurant are located on Hindersön island in Luleå archipelago. In the summer, there is a daily tour boat to Hindersön and during the winter months you can reach it via the ice road that starts at Hindersöstallarna, 14 km from Luleå city.

Brändö Lodge – easy accessible by car with a view of the sea, surrounded by nature and a lovely beach well suited for families. This place offers something for everyone, whether you travel with family or alone. They offer a lot of outdoor activities.

Luleå municipality's archipelago cabins – Luleå municipality offers cabins to rent all year round on the islands Kluntarna, Brändöskär och Småskär. There is also cabins at Junkön island on the summer.

Klubbviken – located on Sandön island in Luleå archipelago. They offer cozy lodging just by the seafront, sauna and restaurant plus lots of activities.  

"Lärarbostaden" on Hindersön island – rent the teacher's home in the old school from Hindersön's local community association.