The vast archipelago, shaped by weather and wind, midwinter cold and the magical summertime midnight light, is well-­preserved and tranquil. An experience for everyone and for all the senses. Wake up with it right outside your window. Let the magical summertime midnight light be the last thing you see before you go to bed. Let the warm sea breeze be the first that touches your face in the morning. Spend a night in the Bothnian archipelago.

Luleå archipelago offers plenty of choices for you if you'd like to spend the night. Choose between hotel, lodging with a restaurant and lots of activities nearby, or a cabin with a view of nothing but sea for as far as the eye can see. Enjoy your morning cup of coffee on the pier, sauna and swim in the ocean, explore the many hiking trails on the islands, try the fishing labyrinths or visit the old chapel.  No matter what you choose to do we promise you a memory for life. 

Brändön Lodge

Brändön Lodge is easy accessible by car and located only about 25 minutes outside the city of Luleå. Here you'll stay in cosy cabins with porches facing the ocean. Enjoy a quiet time by the sea or explore the village surrounding you. You can also rent bikes or kayaks and when your tummy is rumbling there is a restaurant waiting for you. 

Brändö Lodge has something for everyone!

Beautiful view over Brändön Lodge, close to sea and nature.

Klubbviken Havsbad

Klubbviken is the easiest accessible island in Luleå archipelago. Here, the tour boats dock at least once a day. So whether you'd like to make a short stop and just enjoy lunch in their restaurant facing the sea, or if you'd prefer to stay the night, Klubbviken might be the perfect place for you. 

Start the day with the sea breeze against your face, and end it with a sauna in the midnight light at Klubbviken. Read more here:

Luleå archipelago cabins

Rent a cabin in the the Luleå Archipelago! Every island has its very own charm and all seasons offer magical contrasts. Stay in one of the twelve cabins spread out across the four islands, Brändöskär, Junkön, Kluntarna and Småskär.

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The tour boats

The tour boat season in the Luleå archipelago starts in the beginning of June and ends in the middle of September. They traffic our waters everyday and dock at the biggest and most popular islands several times a day which is perfect if you'd like to do a daily excursion.

  • M/S Stella Marina is Luleå's bathing shuttle and operates between the south harbour (Södra hamn) in central Luleå to Klubbviken several times a day. 
  • M/S Symfoni takes you to and from the six biggest and most popular islands in the archipelago. Whether you are heading out for a longer stay or just for the day she will take good care of you.