Bring your binoculars, pack your bag and let’s head out. Luleå offers a great avifauna for the interested – whether you are an avid ornithologist or an eager beginner. 

Top 10 bird-watching locations

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Birds to look for!

The White‑Tailed Eagle

The White‑Tailed Eagle, Havsörn in Swedish and Haliaeetus albicilla in Latin, is the biggest bird of prey in Northern Europe. It can measure up to 2,5m in wingspan become up to one meter long. If the tail is white the bird is old, and if it is brown it’s a young individual. Want to see them hunt? You can usually spot the eagles at Gammelstadsviken.

Eurasian Curlew

This large wader likes open areas and is known for its specific and familiar call that is a loud *curloo‑oo*, often sounding a bit somber.

The Short‑Eared Owl

If you’re lucky you might spot this little fellow. Its flight is characteristically floppy due to its irregular wingbeats. This owl can be found in open country and grasslands and lays its eggs directly on the ground.

Whooper Swan

This beautiful bird mates for life and stays with their partner until death do them part. A sure sign of spring is when you can see them gracefully soaring over Luleå looking for open water.