Stroll in the city and discover the range of specialty shops.

Kallaxgårdsbutik – Here, you'll find some decor, both modern, retro and second hand, as well as handicraft and delicacies. When you're done shopping you can enjoy a Swedish fika in the café.

Kärleksbutiken – Kärleksbutiken translates to ”The love store” and is a romantic, erotic and emotional oasis for all your senses.

Lilla Köksboden – Handmade ceramics from Portugal that comes in a variation of designs and colors that are beautiful to mix and match.

Modelljärnvägsspecialisten – At Modelljärnvägsspecialisten you'll find everything you need in regards to model trains, train sets and railroad accessories.

Pentik – Designs and manufactures a broad range of products under its own high-profile brand, including ceramics and glassware, interior and table fabrics, lights, furniture and a selection of delicatessen-style goods.