Cycling in the archipelago

In Luleå, we cycle everywhere and all year round. In summer we take our bicycles no matter where we’re going, no matter what time of day it is. The midnight light allows us to enjoy one of Sweden’s best cycling cities 24 hours a day.

As we leave the city, cycling roads turn into trails and we love navigating our beautiful surroundings on a bike. Even when the terrain gets rough or the snow and slippery roads of winter make things more difficult, we saddle up. With studded tires and fatbikes, we get ahead – neither sea ice nor marshlands can stop a us. 

Go on a cycling tour in the archipelago! See the tips on archipelago adventures at Sandön island and winter cycling in our cycling guide "Cycling in Luleå".

Rent a fatbike

Biking in winter? Sliding around on slippery city streets? No, not like that. Far from it.

In recent years, Luleå has become Sweden’s fatbike heaven. In summer, visitors go cycling on our islands in the archipelago – during the winter you can also cycle between the islands. The wide, durable tyres of the fatbike means it can get you over any kind of terrain, you can go cycling on the ice to the outer rim of the Bothnian archipelago, with the northern lights above and winter grazing deer around you on the islands outside Luleå.