The ice track, central Luleå

Every year, Luleå Council prepares an ice track that surrounds the city peninsula, from harbour to harbour with detours to Mjölkudden and Bergnäset. Its size varies slightly from year to year, depending on weather and ice quality. Here you can also travel on skates, skis, by kicksled or on foot. The total length is approximately 10 km and offers cycling with no difficulties. It is easy to reach the ice track as it is found in central Luleå and you can begin and end your journey at four different locations on the city peninsula: the South Harbour, Oskarsvarv, Hälsans Hus and the North Harbour.

Along the track there are several rest stops and campfire sites where you can stop to enjoy a picnic. If you start at the South Harbour, you go out onto the ice track by the large harbour crane. Looking south, you can see the island of Gråsjälören a couple of hundred metres out. There, you will find toilets and campfire sites. If you’re visiting during the weekend, you will find fika, snacks, pastries and beverages for sale. If the flag is hoisted, it’s open. The Lions Club sells sandwiches, hot dogs, waffles and coffee and it is a popular place amongst the locals. The ice track continues underneath the Bergnäs Bridge and around Gültzaudden to the North Harbour.

Cycling on ice roads in the Luleå archipelago

For those of you who wish to cycle a longer distance out on the ice, you can cycle on one of the ice roads in the Luleå archipelago, that, depending on the quality of the ice, will be open for cars every winter. Ice roads are prepared to the islands of Hindersön, Storbrändön, Sandön and Junkön.

On the islands Kluntarna, Smäskär and Brändöskär, you will find cottages available for hire all year round.

Contact the Luleå Tourist Center for hire the cottages on the islands and information and reccomendations about the saftey  on the ice roads or read more at

The guiding companies can also, under the right weather conditions, offer you winter adventures beyond the ice roads. Read more under See & do – select the tags "guided tours" and "cycling".