Experiencing nature whilst gliding on cross-country skis, almost without a sound, at a fast or a slow pace, is just part of everyday life for many people living in Luleå. Illuminated tracks let you ski even when it’s dark outside. Opportunities for alpine skiing are also excellent in Luleå. 


The most extensive track system can be found at Ormberget, about 4 kilo­metres from central Luleå, with tracks for both beginners, leisure skiers and professionals, track lengths varying between 1.5 and 10 kilometres. You can also go downhill skiing here. There is also a large sled slope there, for those who would like to try snow sliders or sleds. Read more about Ormberget Outdoor Centre.


Twenty kilometres outside the city you will find Måttsunds­backen, a ski resort with several slopes, suitable for beginners and families with children but also challenging for more experienced and daring skiers. Read more about Måttsundsbacken.

Other tracks

Other illuminated cross-country tracks are found on Mjölkuddsberget, in Bergnäset, Gammelstad, Sunderbyn as well as in Råneå. No matter whether you prefer gliding through flat terrain, poling through a rougher landscape or trying your strength on steep slopes and then challenging yourself with the bends, you can be sure to find a suitable track in Luleå. Search for the tag "skiing" under See & do.

Descriptions of all twelve cross-country tracks and their current status can be found at: skidspar.se

Make your own tracks or go with a guide

If you would rather make your own tracks, we recommend skiing on the frozen Lule River or the ice in the archipelago, only a few hundred metres away from the city’s hotels.  And if you want a guide who takes you on adventures, there are several companies in Luleå and the surrounding area that offer winter activities and experiences, both in the archipelago and in the city and in the forest in the countryside. You can find them under See & do. Select the tag "skiing".

Do not have your own skis?

It is possible to borrow equipment free of charge for a maximum of two weeks fromFritidsbanken.