There are 1,312 ever­changing islands in the Luleå archipelago, shaped by weather and wind, midwinter cold and the magical summertime midnight light. This vast archipelago, near the city, is well­preserved and tranquil. An experience for everyone and for all the senses.

Those used to life in the archipelago often say that you leave everything behind on the main­ land. Worldly things leave your mind and time itself slows down. Here, there is a fresh fragrance, an aroma of sea and not harbour. The weather shifts. Sun turns to summer rain and mirror­like waters become stormy seas. Tour boats traffic the waters during summer and fall and trips to the larger islands are accessible and comfortable. On Sandön you will find the popular Klubbviken, with its two entirely diffe­rent sides: one idyllic and simple with sandy beaches, restaurants and fun activities, one untouched and facing the sea. On the tour boat you can reach the archipelago with islands such as Kluntarna, Småskär, Brändöskär, Hindersön and Junkön – islands which have been inhabited for hundreds of years. Fishermen’s cabins, light­ house keepers’ cottages, lighthouses and log chapels remain.
Travelling with your own boat, you can dock at one of Luleå’s guest harbours or choose a natural harbour and have an entire island to yourself. Hop from beach to beach and walk across islands. Fall asleep and wake up in a tent or cottage in the archipelago, to the sound of sea birds, waves and winds. Bright, tranquil nights or days of adventure.