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Sommarstaden Luleå

Summer adventures

There is much to discover and explore around Luleå on your own. For those of you who want to hike, cycle, paddle and fish, we have compiled our favorite places and tours in thematic guides.

Kräftfiske Råneå Älv D75 0280

Råneå and Vitå river valleys

Pick and choose among fine excursion destinations!

The wide and untouched forest landscape of the river valleys invites you to different experiences and variety. There are also several culturally and historically interesting places to visit here. Let the adventures take their time, there are plenty of campsites and rest stops to stop at.

Råneå and Vitå river valleys

The Luleå Way

Watch the videos that show Luleå's different seasons with midnight lights in summer and northern lights in winter. Arctic adventures and how it feels to stand in the middle of a medieval world heritage site. That you can stay and eat at award-winning hotels and restaurants. Night or day, nature or city. Experience The Luleå Way.

Experience Luleå – The Luleå Way